It’s 2174 and Mars shows the scars of a technological cataclysm. The same nanites programmed to make out of Mars a liveable planet are now keeping it a barren land, hostile to any and all life forms. Scientific and exploration teams are building new human outposts, studying the nanites and looking for a way to understand and control their behaviour. The hero of our story is one of them, and he is currently collecting datas about the nanites clouds in the Tharsis sector.

When an unexpected nanites storm hits the frontier there is no choice but leaving the structure as fast as possible, trying to save the collected data and to rescue the researchers from the breaches caused by the storm. During his escape, the player will need to exploit all his knowledge and learn the basis of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Only applying the protocol correctly he will save the lives of the victims of the accident. Will he manage to reach the rescue shuttle in time?

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