What is Relive about?

Relive is a First Person adventure set in a near future, on planet Mars. The game is divided in Story Mode and Tournament Mode. In the Story Mode the gamer will play the part of a young hacker named ‘Hardware’, following an intriguing storyline that will drive him and his party through a potentially deadly adventure in a hostile environment. Tournament mode is a ready-to-play simulated emergency scene, taken from selected game scenes, where the player will face different rescue situations and test directly CPR.

Why ‘Relive‘?

Performing CPR on a victim of cardiac arrest increase significantly the chances of survival. We aim to rise awareness about this subject, hoping that our game will contribute to save somebody’s life one day.

I heard that Relive will be free. Is that true?

Yes, Relive will be completely free. The development of this game was made possible thanks to Future of Health Award, which purpose is to “bring serious gaming and healthcare together in order to contribute to more advanced healthcare across Europe“.

How do you control the game?

The game is designed to be playable with mouse and keyboard. However, we’re are working in order to provide more immersive solutions, thanks to devices such as Microsoft Kinect, Intel Perceptual Computing
Camera and Android/iOS phones.

What about the supported platforms?

To best support advanced tracking systems, as they are at the base of this project, the game will target Windows and OSX mainly. Mobile devices will be used to enhance the gaming experience.

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