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Welcome to the Relive blog! Here we will share news, stories and trivia about our game and what we made to create it.

To start, we want to talk about the game visual style and the reasons why we chose it among the others. Once we decided to set Relive on planet Mars we had a clear environment in mind: deserted places, lonely landscapes, cluttered with futuristic buildings in ruins. With this setting in mind we couldn’t help but thinking about Moebius and his incredible works. Surreality was the key: we wanted to stimulate the fantasy of our players giving them elements from both reality and dreamlike worlds.


We realized that comic books could be a huge inspiration for us. In the last years we played other video games recreating the same style and we loved them all. Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead are only a few of them.


The key to recreate this style is to have colours and outlines on two separated levels of the texture in the 3D model. In this way they can react to light in different ways. Colours behaviour is the one we are used to, going darker once they get in the shadow. Outlines, instead, reverse in shadow becoming white in dark scenes and staying visible. This works exactly as ink does in comic books, getting back to the world of illustrations loved by our artists.


The finishing touch is a rendering technique called cel-shading. Cel-shading uses a non-photorealistic illumination that separates the normal smooth lighting values into a limited number of flat colored areas that provide the classic cartoon look.

Relive was a great occasion to use this visual style and we are very happy to have this chance (our artists mostly!).

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